We are a team of board certified credit consultants. We specialize in helping everyday people improve their credit to purchase their first home, dream car, and enjoy the benefits of having excellent credit. 

123 Credit Consultants is a credit counseling services that was created after the founder was able to improve her credit from a 440 to 778. After she improved her credit, she realized that her credit scores could have improved quicker and help avoid making costly errors if she had access to someone who had knowledge and experience about the credit laws. After spending $1200 up-front to have her credit repaired and being scammed, she decided to dedicate four years to understanding the credit laws to repair her own credit.After this experience, she began to understand the need of having a reputable and ethical credit counseling service to help people restore their credit.


123 Credit Consultants was created for the everyday busy person. We offer a full service package for busy professionals who would rather spend their free time focusing on their life goals i.e. attending school, working in their career, and taking care of their loved ones rather than researching the credit laws in order to improve their credit profile. 

Many people often ask what makes 123 Credit Consultants one of the most sought out credit counseling companies in America. The answer to that question is very simple: we are the BEST!


We offer a full service program that handles the credit improvement process from start to finish and our clients have the tools that provide full transparency to see the work we are doing. When you hire our team, you will not have to mail any letters, stand in long lines at the post office, or wonder about the progress on your credit file.  


Our team of credit consultants hold a board certification that has to be renewed each year. Our team of consultants are compassionate, knowledgeable, and understands how to utilize the consumer laws to help our clients achieve their credit goals. Schedule your consultation to get start on your credit journey today, you will be glad you did.

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