Thanksgiving Shopping Tips

Thanksgiving Shopping Tips

After spending time with family and eating Turkey dinners you may be considering heading to your nearest mall to do a little early Christmas shopping. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most bang for your bucks! 

Tip #1: 

Always use a credit card versus debit card to purchase electronics. Many credit cards offer extended warranties for electronics that may cover your purchase even after the manufacturer warranty has expired! 

Tip #2: 

Be sure to book your hotel and/or rental car purchases on your credit card versus your debit card. This will help you avoid having to pay a large deposit to cover damages to the room, hotel incidentals, and room services charges.

Tip #3: 

If you are planning to purchase a big ticket item use your credit card instead of debit card in case something goes wrong with the merchandise. Save some extra coins by shopping online using e-bates. E-bates give you discount and promo codes that you can use at check out to discount your black Friday sale items even further. Best of all E-bates is totally free and provides you cash back for each purchase. Click here to create a free account and earn $10 cash back after your first purchase. Get paid to shop online and save. 

Tip #4: 

Plan on catching the Black Friday deals online? Be sure to use a credit card versus debit card in case the items never arrive. Using your credit card will cover you from any purchases that never arrive. 

Remember that using your credit versus debit card has it's perks you want to avoid using 30% or more of the credit card balance on your credit cards. Having a high utilization on your credit cards can drastically decrease your credit score. Keep these helpful tips in mind as you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. 

Happy Thanksgiving from your team at 123 Credit Resolution Consultants

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