Billing Errors and Credit Card Dispute Charges

Billing Errors and Credit Card Dispute Charges

If you have ever been billed more for purchasing something you have returned or never received, or been charged twice - you certainly know the struggle of the billing errors and credit card disputes. And if you have never witnessed something like this, you are definitely lucky. However, the credit card marketplace is big and booming, hence the hefty number of billing errors and dispute charges.

Billing 'Open End Credit Account' Errors

Most of the common billing errors generally apply to the open end credit accounts. In other words, these include credit cards, charge accounts etc. In most of the cases they come in the form of:

  •   charges with the wrong date of purchase or amount of purchase

  •   unauthorized charges (limited to $50 by the Federal law)

  •   charges for goods and services that haven't been delivered or have been returned

  •   failure to post payments and other credits including returns etc.

  •   failure to receive the bills at the right address

  •   charges that include an explanation of a written proof of purchase along with a claimed error or request for clarification

Exercising Your Investigation and Complaint Rights

There are many additional billing errors as well, however the above mentioned are the most common when it comes to the usual complaints and the rights you have. Speaking of which, every customer has certain law consumer protection. Mainly, there are two options that give you the actual right to exercise your rights.

1. Writing to the creditor at the 'billing inquiries' address (instead of the sender's address) where one can include his name, address, account number and a description of the error made.

2. Sending a letter with a 60-day due date to reach the creditor, right after the error was mailed to you. In cases like these, it is always beneficial to use a certified mail service and ensure that your message actually goes through and is properly delivered.


In the end, the last part occurs when the issue is being investigated. However, in every case you should pay a part of the bill not in question, including its finance charges. And although your credit card account cannot be restricted or closed, the disputed amount can be applied against your personal credit limit.

If the end result is marked as a mistake done by the creditor, you should expect every correction made to your account written in detail. The same applies if you owe a portion of the disputed amount determined by the creditor - and in both cases, it is always handy to request copies of the documents as a proof of the money owed.

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