3 Smart Ways to Spend your Tax Return to Improve your Credit

Tax season is still here and as tempting as it may seem for you to spend your tax return on your dream vacation or a shopping spree, using some of your tax refund to build your credit is a smarter way to go. Here are a couple of low cost ways to start building your credit with your tax return:

  1. Open a Credit Builder CD Account - Opening an investment CD account is the best way to start saving for an emergency and build your credit score. Open an account and start paying as low as $12 per month towards your CD investment account, once you have paid the account loan in full you will get a check for your full investment amount plus interest.

  2. Open a Secured Credit Card - You have two options buy clothes with cash or get a secured credit card and use the card to make your purchase. You can still have what you want and build your credit at the same time. Click here to open your secured credit card today.

  3. Open a Store Credit Card - You can open a store credit card and get a credit line up to $5,000 with an online jewelry company. All you have to do is sign up, pay the membership, and a up to $5,000 credit line will be added to your credit report. Having a credit line on your credit will help with your debt ratio on your credit card balances. Click here to apply now.

What they never tell you About Disputing Online

What they never tell you About Disputing Online