We BOOST Credit Scores

Our clients average 50-100 point credit score increases with ALL 3 credit bureaus within JUST 6 months of working with OUR CONSULTANTS. 


Introducing: A New Year & A New You

People who live financially fit and have excellent credit have an open-door way to a new level of opportunities. They do not have to feel embarrassed about being denied for a loan. They have unlimited opportunities and  save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on interest. Most importantly they are living a lifestyle that only most can only dream about until now. . . 

We have a credit improvement program that will teach you the basics of credit and help you build patterns of financial strength. Using our services, you will learn how to make smart financial decisions and get a second chance at good credit. Clients who have utilized our services have seen an average of 50-100 point credit score increase in 6 months of working with us. 


What we've achieved. 


10 points or more 16%
20 points or more 19%
50 points or more 40%
100 points or more 25%


10 points or more 47%
20 points or more 28%
50 points or more 14%
100 points or more 11%

Our Mission

123 Credit Resolution Consultants provides consumer and business financial counseling services for people who seek to build generation wealth, make smart financial decisions, and maintain excellent credit scores. We promote financial literacy with the goal of helping clients maintain their success with their credit profile. We pride ourselves on providing solutions in a professional, ethical, and legal manner.
- 123 Credit Resolution Consultants 


90 Days Money back GUARANTEE

If we are not able to help see any improvement on your credit report after the first 90 days of continuous service with us, we’ll give you a FULL 100% refund of the funds collected during that 90-day span minus the enrollment fee.