Learn How to Dispute and Win "6 Steps to

Learn How to Dispute and Win "6 Steps to

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You will receive the dispute SUPER PACK PLUS Webinar Replay

by Nationally Certified Credit Counselor and Credit Repair Expert Frances Williams with 123 Credit Resolution Consultants 


I am going to provide you with 5 powerful credit repair documents are all you need to dispute and win against both creditors and credit bureaus.

Attorney written with a which has helped me with my 96% success rate.

You will receive 5 Attorney written letters for $10:
1. Credit Bureau Dispute Round 1 Letter
2. Collection agency dispute
3. Credit Bureau Deletion letter
4. Intent to file legal action
5. Remove hard inquires

I will provide you a 2 more letters proven to dispute and ultimately win against medical collection creditors, 90% success rate! (with written instructions).

I will send you a proven and powerful way to remove negative items within 30-45 days with my step by step guide.

I will send you my bankruptcy removal super pack (2 bankrupcy dispute letters). Get the letters you need to dispute a bankruptcy.

These are the best DIY credit repair letters available, with proven success. You would pay an attorney $500+ to get these letters!

As a special gift w/ this package you will recieve a free copy of the '10 Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing your Own Credit' master class replay ($27 value but free for you). 


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