We offer affordable payment options for one set price regardless of the amount of accounts on your credit report and the amount of debt you are in. All of our price packages are month to month without a contract. You can cancel anytime without any cancelation fees. 

Basic Service

One time enrollment fee - $199.99 per person

Monthly fee - $99.99 per month (charged 30 days after service has been rendered)

Premium Service Package

One time enrollment fee - $199.99 per person

Monthly fee- $125.99 per month (charged 30 days after service has been rendered)

One-Time Credit Consultation 

One time Consult fee - $49.99 per person

No Monthly Cost - Phone consultation includes 15 minute phone consultation with a credit consultant

How Does The Billing 

Process Work?

Step 1

Within the next 3 days, you will be charged the enrollment fee of $199.99. The sign up cost covers your account set up, document processing, your credit & debt anaysis  

Step 2

Each month moving forward you will automatically be charged your monthly fee on your billing date. The billing date will be on the 1st, 15th, or 25th of each month. 

Step 3

Each month you are charged on your billing date for the services provided the month prior. So if you cancel your services there is more than likely a final bill due. 

Step 4

Our billing process is similar to how your electric company bills you for services. They charge you for electricity and sends you the bill to be paid by the due date.  This is how we bill you as well. 

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